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The National Association of Veterans’ Affairs Chaplains



To qualify for a competency in drug and alcohol addiction, the following requirements are needed:

1. Be a Board Certified Chaplain.

2. Completion of three years of devoting 25% (.25 FTE) of one’s time in addiction/drug and alcohol work as evidenced by the following:

  • a. Completion of at least 50 drug and alcohol spiritual assessments.
  • b. Active participation in a substance abuse Tx Tm for three years.
  • c. Conducting not less than one class a month on addiction and spirituality.

3. Completion 30 hours of the drug and alcohol courses. Any combination of the following: basic pharmacology, drug and alcohol counseling, theories in addiction, and spirituality and addiction.

4. Completion of one of the following can be used in place of education:

  • a. Presentation to staff.
  • b. Written a paper or article.
  • c. Completion of a research project.
  • d. Teaching of addiction classes---credit for the lesson plan and not times taught.

Upon meeting the criteria, the chaplain will appear before a panel of his/her peers. This will be much like a BCC panel but question will pertain to his/her expertise in drug and alcohol treatment.

The chaplain will be interviewed by a panel of three, one of whom may be from another discipline, provided that they have work in chemical dependency.

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