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The National Association of Veterans’ Affairs Chaplains

Joining NAVAC

Our Vision:

We will be the provider of choice for certification of professional chaplains working within the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide quality certification services to those who choose to belong to our organization.


Our Objective:

To provide a forum regarding professionalism in standards and service in the provision of professional, spiritual and pastoral care.

TO JOIN NAVAC: (Beginning April 1, 2012)

  • Complete a Professional Member Chaplain application and send your 1st year’s membership dues of $30.00 as a Professional Member Chaplain; you membership dues will remain at the Professional Member level until you apply for and are recognized at the Certified Clinical Chaplain or Board Certified Chaplain levels.
  • Anytime after joining as a Professional Member you may apply for recognition as a Certified Clinical Chaplain (CCC at $50.00) or Board Certified Chaplain (BCC at $100.00); these are separate processing fees, paid only once, and are non-refundable.
  • As a CCC or BCC member, you are eligible to apply for Competency-In a) Hospice/Palliative Care, b) Substance Abuse Treatment, c) Post Traumatic Stress; the application fee for each Competency-In is $50.00 and is non-refundable. NOTE: we expect to add Chaplaincy Administration, Marriage/Family Therapy, and other competency categories in 2012/2013.
  • You will be billed as a BCC or CCC member, and any Competency-In attained the year following these recognitions; the dues schedule is:
    • Certified Clinical Chaplain $50.00
    • Board Certified Chaplain $75.00
    • Competency-In $25.00 (each competency attained)

There are three levels of membership in NAVAC:

Professional Member:* For anyone interested in Chaplaincy within VA - Employment in VA as a chaplain is not required.

Certified Clinical Chaplain: A person recognized as having the education, training and experience to provide patient focused, clinically appropriate, interdisciplinary sensitive ministry to the VA and their family.

Board Certified Chaplain: In addition to meeting all requirements for Board Certification, this individual also meets a committee of professional chaplain peers for an interview regarding standards.

*Professional Membership includes:
A. Chaplains currently employed by the VA in a full time capacity, or as part time, contract, intermittent or fee basis Chaplain.
B. Retired and former Chaplains, other federal Chaplains (e.g., military), endorsers and allied clinical professionals.

Clinical Pastoral Education Equivalency

Only ACPE CPE is accepted as fulfilling the requirements for CPE training. Therefore, of the four units of CPE required for Board Certification, three of those units must be ACPE CPE. Only one unit of the 4 unit CPE requirement may be requested as an equivalency. For an equivalency experience to be accepted for one unit of CPE the equivalent training must contain the following components:

  • A minimum of 400 hours of supervised clinical work with real living human documents.
  • A didactic component that caused the candidate to reflect upon the integration of one’s personal story and their understanding of the behavioral sciences and theology.
  • A group supervision of their work.
  • A regular opportunity for peer group / interpersonal relationships, development, and critique.
  • Time Frame for Certification

As NAVAC Certification Committee members are generally full-time VA Professional Chaplains, please expect that the certification process may take as long as 30 days for CCC applications and 90 days for BCC applicants once the completed application packets are received.

Who can apply for membership and/or certification with NAVAC:

NAVAC has two categories of membership. Category A members shall have all rights and privileges of membership. This category applies to individuals employed as chaplains in the VA. Category B member members shall have all the rights and privileges of membership except the right to vote, the right to hold office as either an Officer or Board Member, and the right to serve as a committee chairperson. Category B members include retired and former VA chaplains, other federal chaplains to include military chaplains and Bureau of Prison chaplains, also endorsers, and allied professionals with an interest in the VA chaplaincy. Members of both Category A and Category B may apply for membership and/or certification in NAVAC.


Professional Member - $30.00
Certified Clinical Chaplain - $50.00
Board Certified Chaplain - $75.00
Specialty Certifications - $25.00 in addition to the regular CCC/BCC Dues.


Click on the following links to download NAVAC
Membership Application Forms:

Professional Member
Certified Clinical Member
Board Certified Chaplain

Professional Chaplain Competencies needed for certification

Or open and print these pages:

Professional Member
Certified Clinical Member
Board Certified Chaplain

Professional Chaplain Competencies needed for certification

Please Forward all Annual Dues Payable to NAVAC to: (Please note the new mailing address!!!)

P.O. Box 1631
Newport News, VA  23601

Please mail all Certification Fees to:

NAVAC Certification Committee Chair
Chaplain David E. LeFavor, D.Min, BCC
Dayton VA Medical Center
Chaplain Service  Code 125
4100 West Third Street
Dayton, OH 45428

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