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The National Association of Veterans’ Affairs Chaplains

The National Association of Veterans’ Affairs Chaplains

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The National Association of Veterans Affairs Chaplains (NAVAC) is a professional organization comprised of Chaplains in the Department of Veterans Affairs and its affiliates. In carrying out the ideal expressed by Abraham Lincoln, “To Care for Him Who Shall Have Borne the Battle,” the Mission of NAVAC is the pursuit of excellence in providing pastoral care for veteran patients, their families, as well as the health care team. In order to accomplish its Mission, NAVAC provides opportunities for continuing education in pastoral care; serves as a certifying body; and serves as an advocate in seeking to encourage professional collegiality, personal growth, and the professional development of VA Chaplains.


  • Build a sense of community and identity among VA Chaplains and affiliates in a pluralistic, multidisciplinary setting.
  • Encourage research and publication by VA Chaplains for the enhanced pastoral care of VA patients.
  • Provide a journal of professional interest dealing with current issues in health and spiritual care for VA Chaplains.
  • Develop meaningful approaches to significant multidisciplinary patient care.
  • Support professional training and continuing education for all Chaplains.
  • Work with other professional groups in areas of mutual concern to all Chaplains.
  • Provide Chaplain certification and promote pastoral care standards of the highest quality.


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